Howard Hodgkin - Going for a Walk with Andrew

Howard Hodgkin Prints - Going for a Walk with Andrew

Howard Hodgkin – Going for a Walk with Andrew

1995-98, hand printed silkscreen based on original oil painting. 100cm x 115cm (40″ x 45″)

These beautiful Howard Hodgkin prints and posters display the breadth and brilliance of one of Britain’s most cherished artists…

Howard Hodgkin - Rain

Howard Hodgkin – Rain

1984-89, Archival quality, giclée reproduction exclusive to The Tate. 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″)

“A glimpse is much harder to pin down. You have to remember and to paint from memory and believe in it as well. Belief is the real trouble.”
~ Howard Hodgkin ~

Howard Hodgkin - The Sky's The Limit


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Howard Hodgkin – The Sky’s The Limit (Signed)

2002, Silkscreen, Lincoln Center Exhibition Art Series. 76cm x 64cm (30″ x 25″)

“The titles are extremely important because it’s the subject of the picture”
~ Howard Hodgkin ~


Howard Hodgkin – Tangier

1992, Serigraph print from the Lincoln Center. 95cm x 86cm (37.5″ x 34″)

Howard Hodgkin Prints - Clean Sheets

Howard Hodgkin – Clean Sheets

1979-84, Archival quality, giclée reproduction from Tate’s collection. 55.9 x 91.4cm (22″ x 36″)

In the video below the artist rather reluctantly talks about his work and its impact on himself and the viewer. Includes his thoughts on Clean Sheets featured above.

Howard Hodgkin - Andrew Allfree

Howard Hodgkin – Andrew Allfree

1994-1998, Silkscreen open edition. 100cm x 115cm (40″ x 45″)

Howard Hodgkin Poster - Highgate Ponds

Howard Hodgkin – Highgate Ponds

Poster for the London Underground. 51 x 76cm (20″ x 30″)

Howard Hodgkin - Venetian Glass

Howard Hodgkin – Venetian Glass

1989, Silkscreen rare poster from Lincoln Center Exhibition Art Series. 96cm x 87cm (38″ x 34″)

Howard Hodgkin - Complete Paintings

Howard Hodgkin – Complete Paintings (hardcover)

Marla Price & John Elderfield. Published in 2006 by Thames & Hudson. 420 pages.

Howard Hodgkin Book - Complete Prints

Howard Hodgkin – Complete Prints (hardback & paperback)

Liesbeth Heenk & Nan Rosenthal. Published in 2006 by Thames & Hudson. 240 pages, 26cm x 30cm.

A Picture of the Painter Howard Hodgkin

A fascinating hour long Howard Hodgkin documentary from 2006 – part of the BBC’s Imagine series with Alan Yentob. If you can ignore the low resolution it’s a fascinating insight into the artist’s work and process. At the time of writing it’s also available on BBC iPlayer so catch it while you can.