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By July 14th, 2020Artist Spotlight

A cross section of MoMa Weekly artists from across the world with original artwork to buy and Instagram accounts to follow…

With such a diverse mix of talented artists working in so many different mediums I’d love if this led to some new connections, Instagram follows and art sales. I’ve already bought a fantastic painting, discovered artists whose work I’m excited about and lined up some new interviews. Thanks to everyone who reached out and hope you all gain some new supporters of your work!

The first half features painters, sculptors and conceptual artists who answered the call to show their work on MoMa while the second half shows Instagram posts from everyone who followed MoMa’s Instagram.

Riga Forbes

My paintings draw inspiration from the natural world and focus on a mystical, inner relationship with nature and with our ancestral connection to the Earth.

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Giusto Pilan

My artistic research is principally addressed to the recovery of a lost memory which finds its origins in the birth of mankind and the first rock.

Website  |  Instagram  |  Saatchi Art

Jackie Flanagan

I am an Irish Archaeologist and Visual Artist, specialising in Painting and Drawing. I centre my work around my passion and interest for all things mystical and unknown. Undoubtedly, this fascination was spurred on by the fact that I lived next door to an Iron Age Hill-fort as a child, and thus fostered and cemented a curiosity for all things archaeological, in particular, for all things exclusive to Ireland's Celtic past.

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Brian Parker

My aim is for my work to stimulate the visual sense and leave the viewer with a feeling of pleased satisfaction. I am much more interested in the aesthetic produced by the work than I am in its thematic content, which ranges from figurative to the purely abstract.

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Robin Okeyo Mbera

I call my current style Afro Cubism Journey through which I hope to revitalize the old concepts in Africa from the three dimensions (3-D) to 4-D.

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Caroline Banks

It all comes down to memory: precious and treasured, elusive, lost, inaccurate yet true. I try to capture the essence of an experience, a fugitive and unrepeatable moment that was intensely important. How may the essence, the feeling of a particular moment be expressed and how might it change over time? In an age of instant imagery, my work aims to capture that movement combined with stillness and to reflect an ongoing process of meditation and reflection.

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Daisuke Minowa

I was standing on the shore in Niigata, Japan without even perceiving that I was seeing ‘the sky and the sea’ I was sort of, looking at things that were present before my eyes without feeling any obligation to name them.

Website  |  Instagram  |  Gallery

Lisa Cole

For lockdown I've been collaborating with the birds and wind. I've made a series of drawing machines that record the movements of sparrows and the weather. Use discount code - MoMaSummer to get 30% off any bird and wind drawing.

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Rita Sennik

Let me introduce myself. Born in Kenya while it was still a British Colony, the youngest of a large Punjabi family, I wanted to be an 'artist', essentially a painter from the age of five but my parents felt it was important to train in a profession. So I studied architecture and worked as an architect both in Nairobi and the UK until 2011, when desperation set in and I finally joined Winchester School of Art graduating in 2014. Since then I have been working on my art in my studio at home. My work examines the emotional experiences of being 'Woman' through the female form, face, body and self-imposed societal structures and perceptions. It is essentially about the search for love, that illusive yet fundamental necessity which determines both the mental and physical well-being of any human being, the trials and tribulations of self identity and the changing relationships from a female perspective.

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Stephen Aifegha

My art is sort of activism against colonialism, slavery, and migration as these are the major causes of the crisis which Africans all over the world face and I am doing this through Afro-futurism which is the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science, and technology seen through a “black” lens.

Website  |  Instagram  |  Saatchi Art

Melody Thornton

Melody is a photographic conceptual artist. Her themes include sexual politics, female objectification, self portraiture and day to day observations.

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Leslie Edwards

I have been doing a lot of painting in the lockdown. "Stand Off" is a satirical commentary on world events. It depicts a health worker trying to take a temperature using a laser thermometer gun & a confrontation with an assailant who has Covid and a temperature of 39 degrees. A reflection of violent times.

Website  |  Instagram

Shelly Still

I've been having a wonderful time hitting that madness between destruction and creation, so I have a collection of paintings that are called Frankies, after Frankenstein's monster. Made with acrylic and wire. I have a 20% coupon for MoMa - FRANKIEMOMA.

Website  |  Instagram  |  Etsy Shop

Teresa Montalvao

My recent commissions have been for portraits and figures, in watercolour and my recent challenge is to improve my oil painting based on graphite and charcoal live sketches.

Website  |  Instagram

Tommy Rattigan

Although many families have their own personal stories to tell, having been touched by the Coronavirus. I wanted to show the Anguish, frustration and despair of those Doctors and Nurses in our Intensive Care Units. Not only for the shortage of proper PPE, but for their own anguish, despair and compassion for their patients.

Artists On Instagram

Thanks to everyone who followed MoMa on Instagram! Make new connections with these artists, illustrators and creatives subscribed to MoMa Weekly…

Jenny Russell

All works for sale as part of the #artistsupportpledge.

Marcel Garbi

Artist – London UK. Ink & Watercolours on Japanese handmade paper. For Sale at and

Lupe Ficara

Born in Milan in 1968 from the famous painter Franz Ficara, I followed his steps and Iḿ still alive!

Judi Morton

BA Hons, Fine Fine Art -Liverpool Polytechnic. MA Fine Art – Canterbury Christchurch University.

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The Elm, spring 48×48”

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Linda Chapman

No manipulation, only natural elements. Limited edition prints.

Stephanie Thompson

Contemporary Artist based in Surrey, UK. Inspired by irrepressible beauty of the landscape. Artworks available via DM.

Irma Gros

Texas based artist.

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12×12 oil and wax

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Thea Brown

Real. Ethereal. Dynamic.

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Friday night zoom art workshop. . . . #abstractexpressionism

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Sarah Boyle

Visual artist living in Ireland. and

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#corncrake #irishbirds #irishartists #irishart

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Pam Foley

Oxford-based sculptor. Check out my current project, Routes of Sorrow.

Thanks again everyone!

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