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Things you might be wondering about MoMa UK

and some answers to questions you probably weren't wondering


Who is

MoMa is designed and run by me, Grant Creegan, an Edinburgh based artist and designer (you can contact me here). I’ve owned since 1999 & finally launched the website in March, 2014.

It’s always been a goal of mine to curate a kind of online museum to showcase and discover artists whose work I admire.

Seeing I have the keys I also get to hang some of my own stuff on the walls when no one’s looking.


What is

It’s not MoMA New York which goes without saying. Though that’s a favourite museum to visit this is a UK based website with a slightly smaller budget.

A Museum of Many Artists just about describes it. A place to discover and buy art from UK and international artists.

It’s also a way for me to form connections with artists through interviews, videos and collaborative projects.


Why start

Does the world need another art website? Nope. There are good reasons to hang around though.

I still remember the massive high I got when I sold my first piece of art to friends of my parents when I was still at school. It felt amazing to create something that someone liked enough to pay for it.

That’s the reason’s here. It feels great to support artists by increasing their audience and helping them sell their work.


Do you make any money from the site?

If an artist is selling their work online via stores like Saatchi Art, Etsy or eBay then MoMa uses an affiliate link to go those sites. If you end up buying the art at the store after clicking the affiliate link then the store rewards us with a small commission.

It doesn’t cost you a penny more but it means so much to me as it allows me to keep working on MoMa, making it better and growing the audience.

I’m not currently taking submissions to sell work directly through MoMa to spend more time in the studio and focus on building the website in other ways. Meanwhile I’d recommend my 10 ways to sell your art online article.


Quality before commissions

Not every artist featured will be selling their work through an online store with an affiliate programe. Many will be selling work through a personal website or gallery which won’t bring MoMa any potential commissions. That’s fine by me too.

Commissions are important and I won’t be able to run the site without them but the quality of art will always be the deciding factor on featuring an artist.

If you sell your work via your own website that’s no barrier to being featured on MoMa. The best way to show your work is to follow me on Twitter though my to-do list for the site runs well into the hundreds!