Martyna Zoltaszek – Secret Garden

2011. Fine art print Museum quality 100% cotton fine art paper (46 x 61cm).

Martyna Zoltaszek’s paintings celebrate a world of tigers, jaguars, bears, and dogs with a colour palette as rich as nature’s own…

Martyna Zoltaszek Art - Blue Leopard



Martyna Zoltaszek – Blue Leopard

2013. Oil on Canvas (70 x 100 x 4cm).


Martyna Zoltaszek – Blue

2010. Signed giclee print on archival paper (28 x 38cm) or £112 (38 x 50cm) direct from artist’s website.

Martyna Zoltaszek Art - Look At Me

Martyna Zoltaszek – Look At Me

2011. Prints based on original oil painting. 28 x 38cm or 38 x 50cm.



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Martyna Zoltaszek – Super Star

2010. Oil on canvas. Recently included in ‘The Book of The Dog – Dogs in Art‘. 101 x 101cm (40 x 40″)

Martyna Zoltaszek Art - On Top Of the World

Martyna Zoltaszek – Back In The City

2010. Signed giclee print on archival paper (28 x 28cm) or £82 (38 x 38cm) direct from artist’s website.

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