Marie Rosen Paintings

By February 26, 2017Artist Spotlight

Marie Rosen - Montage

Marie Rosen’s paintings portray a world of careful precision that cloaks some odd goings on beneath the surface of things…

In the week of David Hockney’s 77th birthday it seems fitting to feature an artist whose work carries some of Hockey’s quirky sensibility and commitment to really looking.

Born in Orwell’s futuristic year 1984, Marie Rosen hails from Belgium’s capital city, Brussels.

A whole lifetime before that another visionary artist was born less than an hour’s drive away in Lessines. That artist was none other than René Magritte and his work appears to cast a long surrealist shadow over Rosen’s carefully constructed paintings.

Here’s a selection of untitled works painted on wooden boards with curved corners. Love those little legs under the tablecloth!

Marie Rosen - Untitled painting

Two chairs, a few trees and a pool…

Maria Rosen

Never has a meagre cardboard box, a tiny flag and layers of curtains looked so intriguing…

Marie Rosen - Untitled painting

Everything needs propped up now and again…

Marie Rosen - Untitled painting

To see more of Marie Rosen’s work – here’s her website.