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Our Etsy Holiday Gift Guide shows the quirkiest, funnest, festive-iest contemporary art on Etsy from calendars & cards to art prints…

For someone not blessed with the ‘let’s go shopping gene’ I’m surprised how much I’ve enjoyed spending a couple of days putting together a collection of Etsy artists whose work would make fantastic holiday gifts. Like an art version of Etsy’s Editor’s Picks.

I’ve started off with a few Christmas card and wrapping paper highlights but skip ahead to the contemporary art prints for gift recommendations suitable for any time of year. The twelve artists I’ve featured cross categories of design and illustration to the most painterly of painterly paintings. Each one made me smile.

I hope you find this Etsy Holiday Gift Guide useful & enjoy the art as much as me!

Holiday Cards, Prints & Wrapping Paper

This collection features artists selling holiday themed gifts and all the other stuff you wrap gifts with and put inside the envelopes you send to the people you’re giving the gifts too. Okay, that’s more than enough gifts for one paragraph.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Sandra Dieckmann

Sandra Dieckmann – Cards & Prints

One of my favourite artists on Etsy. Cool animals – check. Quirky themes – check. Mad skills – triple check!

Do visit Sandra Dieckmann’s Etsy shop if you’re looking to buy some Christmas cards or stocking filler presents. The London based artist has such an original creative voice and it’s no surprise she’s sold over 11,000 items on Etsy since joining in 2010.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Surfing Sloth

Surfing Sloth – Illustration, Cards & Prints

Looking for a gift for a cat lover? Look no further than Surfing Sloth (includes fox and hedgehog lovers too).

Surfing Sloth is the brainchild of illustrator and graphic designer, Luka Va. Originally from Lithuania, Luka now lives and work in Australia where the artistic gods have rewarded her with the rare ability to never draw a cat that doesn’t look just right.

Clara And Macy - Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Clara & Macy – Cards & Wrapping Paper

Cute wrapping paper and cards that younger kids can cut out (erm, an adult!), dress up and colour in.

An innovative take from Clara and Macy on Christmas cards and wrapping paper that little ones are sure to love. The one caveat is that you have to stop them being completely distracted by whatever was wrapped up inside!

Season Paper - Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Season Paper Collection – Cards & Prints

Christmas deer, polar bears and flying foxes get put through the French translation machine at Season Paper.

Quickly jumping the channel from London to Paris here’s some nifty French flavoured cards from the Season Paper Collection.

Fine Art & Illustration Prints

Buying a work of art as a gift for a loved one can be a tricky business. How can you be sure they’re going to like it as much as you? Do you have a rough idea of the type of artworks they already own? My general rule of thumb is to go into super detective mode about the person’s tastes before buying any art for them… then totally hope for the best!

retro whale

Retro Whale – Original Paintings & Prints

Only David Shrigley’s work entertains me as much as the art that’s conjured up from Retro Whale HQ.

Retro Whale is the Etsy moniker for Kelly Puissegur, an artist whose work and invention I’ve loved from the moment I first laughed out loud at it a coupe of years ago. I’d also recommend a listen to her podcast interview with the Jealous Curator for an insight into the person and process behind the paintbrush.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide - Becca Stadtlander

Becca Stadtlander – Illustration

These prints of original paintings are excellent value and some can be ordered at various sizes.

Becca Stadtlander is a Kentucky based illustrator whose work shows traces of the American Midwest and the Deep South much as Kentucky itself does. A keen eye for her subject and a folk like charm make these art prints a lovely gift – note one in particular almost certain to please the cat lover you know and love.

Lola Donoghue - Etsy Art

Lola Donoghue – Original Paintings & Prints

The limited colour palette and singular themes create a beautiful stillness that echoes from painting to painting.

If you like Lola Donoghue’s paintings then check out the Art For Your Ear podcast episode (with the Jealous Curator) where she talks about her unconventional journey from the Limerick School of Art & Design through teaching to selling her work full-time via Etsy.

geninne etsy

Geninne – Art Prints & Calendar

Beautiful bird prints and a bird themed calendar plus some cats, butterflies and rabbit illustrations.

New Mexico based artist Geninne creates and prints all these amazing prints at her studio in the forest. Writing that description makes me want to redesign my life to sound more like that too!

HollieChastainArt - Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Hollie Chastain Art – Paper Collage

From hand finished prints celebrating the Women’s Rights movement to multi-coloured time-travelling collages.

Tennessee based artist Hollie Chastain’s Etsy shop contains an impressive portfolio of paper collage works using historical imagery and hand painted elements that somehow look like they were always meant to fit together.

Lisa Congdon - Etsy

Lisa Congdon – Art & Illustration

A powerhouse of creativity and a guiding voice for artists looking for direction in the business side of art.

I featured Lisa Congdon, and her excellent book Art Inc, in MoMa’s most popular article 10 Ways To Sell Your Art Online. You can buy a signed copy of Art Inc in Lisa’s Etsy shop and it would make an excellent gift for any artist you know who could do with some tips on making money from their creative practice.

Natasha Newton Art

Natasha Newton – Art & Illustration

The limited colour palette and singular themes create a beautiful stillness that echoes from painting to painting.

I first came across Natasha Newton’s work on Twitter and featured one of her prints in our tree paintings feature. Natasha is a full-time artist and illustrator who lives and works in Suffolk on the east coast of England.

ashley percival etsy

AshleyPercival – Animal Art Prints

As Ashley says himself his prints are ‘great for the nursery, kids rooms, teens bedrooms, and grown ups!’ Agreed.

London based Ashley Percival appears to be the only male of the species on this Etsy Holiday Gift Guide – kudos for being our sole representative! These quirky animal art prints would make cool gifts for the smaller humans of our species (and plenty of the taller ones too!).

And so concludes this year’s Etsy Holiday Gift Guide. I hope you found a gift or two to share with loved ones combined with that feel good satisfaction that you’ve just directly supported an artist to keep doing what they love doing.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for artists then check out my Best Sites To Buy Art Supplies Online for plenty of tips and recommendations.

One more article you might find useful is 10 Ways to Buy Original Art Online for plenty more art buying suggestions.

Okay, that’s it… thanks for supporting independent artists, bye for now!

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