ECA Degree Show 2014

By June 3rd, 2014 Degree Shows

Some work I liked from the ECA Degree Show 2014…

Unfortunately I didn’t have nearly as much time as the degree show merited so this was a bit of a flying visit and there was so much more good work I only heard about after I realised I hadn’t got to.

I didn’t even get to the design department so these photos are all from fine art and architecture. Will do better next year!

ECA Degree Show 2014 highlights

Highlights from the ECA Degree Show 2014

A selection of works from Fine Art & Architecture from the 2014 show.

I’m afraid I didn’t get the names of the students who made each of these works but you should be able to find each of them at the ECA degree show website.

Here’s my video and review highlights from this years DCA Degree show.

For a full list of Scotland degree show dates with maps, videos and opening times head over here.