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‘Hockney: Live From LA’ is a chance to watch the new Hockney documentary followed by a live Q&A from the artist’s studio…

Hockney: Live From LA

If you’re a fan of Hockney then set aside this Tuesday evening for a special screening across the country of Randall Wright’s brand new Hockney documentary.

At 7.00pm on November 25th Hockney: Live From LA will be shown followed by a live Q&A with David Hockney from his Los Angeles studio.

To book tickets and find out which cinemas are showing Hockney: Live From LA nearest you just click here and the Hockney documentary site will do the rest.

If you miss the special event screening you can still watch the film at cinemas nationwide from Friday the 28th November.

Here’s a preview trailer for the film…

Randall Wright is the director of the award-winning documentaries ‘David Hockney: Secret Knowledge‘ and ‘Lucian Freud: A Painted Life.’

At 77 years of age David Hockney has a phenomenal catalogue of work behind him and shows no signs of fading gently into the night. A move back to L.A. in late 2013 followed eight years living and working in East Yorkshire and he’s painting as much now as he ever has. Check this recent Guardian interview for his latest thoughts on his current practice.

Hockney’s A Bigger Picture show was one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages and showed an artist as curious, prolific and hard-working as ever.

Here’s our David Hockney prints and posters page if watching the film’s not enough.

Finally, here’s the full list of Hockney DVDs at Amazon UK.

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